corie brangers, sunblind fine art + wearables

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meet corie:

"work smarter, not harder." 

corie brangers is the creator and designer behind sunblind the shop. she currently lives in louisville, ky with her boyfriend, john, in a cute little 2 bedroom house in the highlands. they have two yorkies, arthur + melvin, and a cat, murphy.

the story:

corie has done paintings and signage as a side hustle for the past few years to support herself throughout college and grad school, but sunblind was officially born during the pandemic of 2020 after taking a break from her counseling career and picking up clay for the first time. 

although she has never used clay as a medium, she picked it up rather quickly. in no time, family members and friends were asking to purchase her jewelry. 

this exploration into a new hobby turned into popping up at different markets, making custom orders, selling her pieces in 6 different stores across louisville and a full-time job.

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our mission:

corie enjoys making wearable art that complements both your style and your personality. she likes to take the nostalgia and simplicity of childhood and translate them into wearable art. her main goal is to help herself and others heal their inner child by reliving their innocence and embracing the extraordinary.

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